About Us

GREIO is developed by a group of people who have taken the GRE test, applied and have got successfully placed in schools.

We found that none of the existing GRE preparation websites have an online test having a look and feel similar to that of the actual test. Practising tests in a user interface similar to that of a real one acclimatizes the students with the format and style of the test. This not only boosts confidence but also the increased familiarity helps students to concentrate on the questions rather than learning the test navigation and controls on the day of the test.

GREIO is a completely free. Why? Because the best things in life are free ;) No but seriously why? Well, because this started as an academic project. There were, and are, no intentions to monitize it.
Gre test screen caricature



Megha Phutane

Product Development and Marketing

Megha holds an MS from Illinois State University and is currently pursuing an MBA from San Jose State University, California. She believes that web has a huge potential to empower students with educational tools that will make the learning process much easier and faster. Having given both the old and the new revised GRE test, she is well-versed with the changes in revised test format and the strategies to tackle the revised GRE test. She also heads the marketing of GRE IO.

Arun Chaturvedi

Advisor, Business development

Arun is a seasoned educator. Having spent half a decade in the field of student training and coaching, he knows the training industry (both online and classroom based) inside out. An MBA with an engineering background, Arun heads operations of a leading CAT coaching in India. He has been instrumental in providing invaluable guidance to steer GRE IO to where it is today. We are glad that he has volunteered to help us out at GRE IO.