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GRE Test Format & Question types

This is an overview of the GRE General Test's structure. If you are a student preparing for the test or plan to give GRE General Test in future, this article will help you gain a better understanding of the test content, structure and question types.

All you need to know about on-campus jobs in US Universities

Students on F1 visa are eligible to work on on-campus jobs at the university which issued their I-20 (in simple terms, in their own university). On-campus jobs comprise of various positions like teaching assistant, research assistant, library support and other helper jobs

GRE Probability Questions: Tips and Tricks

GRE has its fair share of probability questions. One interesting fact about the probability questions asked in a GRE test is that many a times it is possible to answer the question without resorting to complex calculations involving Bayes' theorem or binomial distribution. Even if you don't arrive at the solution, you can reason it out enough to be able to solve the question by elimination or other tricks.

An excellent technique to ace GRE vocabulary

Everyday we conduct a mini story challenge on facebook in which we release three GRE vocabulary words and ask students to write a small story or passage using those three words.

What is this fuss about STEM OPT extensions and should I be concerned?

Some students are concerned, some have panicked and some have even started questioning if they should still consider doing MS from a US university. The problem is that not many understand what these immigration terms are and if (or how) it affects them. <br /> We are going explain the entire issue from a ten thousand foot view, so that you get the big picture of how your studies and stay in USA will be affected (or not affected) by these changes.