18 May 2015

An excellent technique to ace GRE vocabulary

A good vocabulary is of paramount importance if you are planning to take the GRE test. The test consists of 4 questions types which are directly based on vocabulary testing. Students are not only required to know the meaning of the word but also the usage of those words. Therefore, simply memorizing the meaning of the words no longer works.

The best way to practice vocabulary for GRE is to write a small passage everyday. Not only it helps in memorizing the meaning of the words but it also helps you understand the usage as well. On top of that you get your daily Analytical writing practice as a side - which will be of immense help in the 2 AWA sections of the GRE test.

Here is how GREIO makes it a fun learning exercise. Everyday we conduct a mini story challenge on facebook where we release three GRE vocabulary words and ask students to write a small story or passage using those three words. We get some great stories - some are serious, some are inspirational some are downright whacky.

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