You're creative, hard-working, and passionate about technology

We're using creativity, hard-work, and some cutting edge technology to   

redefine GRE preparation

Sunds like a perfect match


If you want to work on the latest technologies, GRE IO is absolutely the best place to be at. We work with the latest languages and frameworks and leverage open source software heavily to have a technical edge over our competitors.
We have some exciting job openings in technology, graphics and creative writing areas. We are also looking forward to have interns this summer (known as industrial training in some Universities.)
Our positions are based in Lucknow, New Delhi, New York and California. Best for all, we also have openings where you can work remotely from anywhere.

Send us your resume to [email protected] along with the position you are interested in and we can take it from there.

Techologies/Stacks we use at GRE IO

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node.js
  • AngularJS
  • Android development
  • Bootstrap
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • REST based APIs
  • Linux


Web Development

Full Time and Summer Intern (2015)

We are looking for a full time position (based in New Delhi) and a Summer Intern (May-August 2015) to work on our Web applications.
Required skills are:
  • HTML, Javascript, CSS3
  • Working knowledge of frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap
  • Good aesthetic sense
Working knowledge of:
  • Frontend Javascript frameworks like Angular and Backbone
  • Ruby on Rails
  • git version control
Please submit your previous work/websites with your resume.

Android/iOS App development

Summer Interns (2015)

This is a summer intern position. Responsibilities include building and enhancing the Android app which will be released soon. Required skills are:
  • Android SDK
  • Java programming language
  • Must have designed at least one android app
  • Good aesthetic sense
Working knowledge of:
  • Javascript and other client side scripting
  • git version control
Please include links to apps you've contributed to.

Creative Writing/Social Media

Summer Interns (2015)

We are taking full time and summer interns for our creative writing department. Responsibilities include creating written content which will go on various blogs, social media pages, and marketing materials. Responsibilities also involve communicating with students via emails and other digital media. Required skills are:
  • Good command over English language
  • Social Media Management skills
  • Good aesthetic sense